• Diver Experience

    Open Water and higher

  • Max Depth


  • Interest

    Stalagmites/stalactites, fresh water pools, colorful sponges, marine life, colorful light rays from roof openings

  • Visibility

    Excellent (13-40m)

  • Temperature

    19-26 C

  • Accessibility

    Fast RHIB boat

The ‘Cathedral’ cavern is one of our most popular dives amongst our divers as it allows you to travel through time.  Blue Adventures Diving was the first to discover and survey this cavern and placed it on the dive map.  This dive site was one of the reasons for our existence, as in 1994 we were mesmerized by its splendor and decided to open our dive center.  There is so much to discover at this dive spot that divers keep coming back for more dives at this site.

The  ‘CATHERAL’ cavern was immersed into the water during Minoan times when the Santorini earthquake triggered a tsunami.  This is evident as there are spectacular stalagmites and stalactites which reveal that at some point of time this cavern was found to be above water.  Its entrance is at 14 meters and in many areas there is a difference in temperature (+/-1 degrees) as you enter fresh water pools.  Another interesting feature is light beams coming down from the top of the cavern creating a very special effect.

This is one of our most interesting dives for certified divers and we recommend that you don’t miss this opportunity.

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