• Diver Experience

    Open Water and higher

  • Max Depth


  • Interest

    Smaller caverns, ravines, marine life, colors from light rays

  • Visibility

    Excellent (13-40m)

  • Temperature

    19-26 C

  • Accessibility

    Fast RHIB Boat

The’ Seal’ or ‘Fokia’  is an outstanding cavern which allows the diver to experience several other smaller caverns within one dive.  This is a huge cavern; so big, that RHIB boats  can actually take divers inside this very interesting cave/cavern.  This dive site got its name ‘Fokia’, which means seal in Greek, as there have been sightings of the Mediterranean Seal at this spot.

This cave/cavern is of historical interest as with the Santorini Tsunami, this massive cave immersed into the water where half of it was destroyed and the other half is intact and is accessible for diving.  As the destroyed portion is also underwater, it has created a complex of caverns and ravines which allows for 3 different and very interesting dives.  This very impressive dive site should not be missed!

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