• Diver Experience

    Open Water and higher

  • Max Depth


  • Visibility

    Excellent (13-40m)

  • Temperature

    19-26 C

  • Accessibility

    Rib Boat

A cluster of 6 caves and caverns that go down to a maximum depth of 15 meters. These shallow caves are located in a bay where the fresh water from the mountains, creating changes to the water temperature.  This creates a unique feeling that makes this dive site even more interesting as a result of this halocline effect.

This cluster of caves/caverns have been affected by the historical tsunami as it changed the entire morphology of the area and it is evident when you visit these caves.   We recommend you visit this very impressive dive site as it will leave you with different impressions due to the diversity of the caves.

Located next to the Cathedral, this is another dive site, first visited by Blue Adventures Diving adding it to the dive map.

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